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The Fromme Mountain Trails and Forest Management Project

General Project Information

 In late 2009, the District of North Vancouver received a grant from Recreational Infrastructure Canada (RInC). Through Western Economic Diversification Canada, the RInC program provides national funding for projects that rehabilitate recreational assets across Canada.

The grant supported trail improvements and forest management on Fromme Mountain; this work is based upon recommendations that emerged from the Fromme Mountain Trail Classification Study, approved by Council in 2008.

Looking for a map of the Fromme Mountain Trails ??

East Map - Mountain Highway and Mountain View Park to Braemar and Saint Mary's Trail

West Map - Braemar and Saint Mary's Trail to Grouse Mountain

 Highlights included the following:
  • Inventoried & created new map showing 62 Km of trail
  • Installed over100 new trail signs installed
  • 3 new staging kiosks at Skyline, Braemar and Mtn Highway with trail map and information
  • Over 6.0 km of unsustainable trails decommissioned
  • Over 8.0 km of trails upgraded
  • 40 + stairs, bridges, boardwalks rebuilt
  • 2 old skid roads deactivated w/replanting ( 1.7 km)
  • 100’s of native trees planted
  • 2 hectares of eco system restoration


Forest Management Projects – The DNV Community Forester engaged tree contractors to undertake tree management projects on Fromme Mountain. Unhealthy trees and young hemlocks were removed, wildlife trees were created, and areas were replanted with suitable tree species to start a new path for the forests. This work will result in more resilient ecosystems and healthier, more diverse forests. Two specific sites on Fromme Mountain were completed in March, 2010. In addition, two old skid roads were deactivated to prevent erosion and drainage issues; they have been replanted with suitable tree species that will help to establish a healthy ecosystem on the mountain side. For more information on Ecosystem Restoration click here.

Safety Tips To Enjoy your time on the trails:

 Enjoying the outdoors is a fun and healthy activity, however if not properly prepared, trails can pose some dangers for users. It is important to be aware of  safety tips and educate yourself about the environment, terrain, wildlife and weather conditions you might run into. Here’s a few tips to help you enjoy your time on the trails:

  • Check the weather conditions before you head out.
  • Dress for the weather, and wear good, rugged shoes for rocky terrain.
  • Bring water and snacks if you plan to be hiking for several hours.
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back.
  • Keep alert  - watch for signs and markers and stay on designated trails
  • Mountain bikers – check the map to determine level of challenge for each trail.
  • Always ride within your ability.
  • Stay on approved trail - to protect the environment and for safety reasons. A closed trail is off limits for a reason, do not intentionally go off a trail.

Volunteering for Trails on Fromme Mountain

For those interested in applying to do trail volunteer work, please contact Graham Knell Trail and Habitat Co-ordinator at 604 990-3806 or . Please refer to the attachment, Procedure to Apply for Volunteer Trail Maintenance on Fromme Mountain. For more information on volunteer opportunities go to Volunteer in Parks


Want to report a downed tree on a trail ? 

If you come across a tree blocking a trail, please review the attached document. Downed Tree

You can also call the Parks Arboriculture group at 604 990-3810 or

Looking for information on the Fromme Mountain Trail Classification Study. Here's the connection. The study includes trail construction guidelines and best management practices.

Curious about parking in this area? Click here to view a parking regulations map for Upper Lynn Valley Trail users.

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