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Exploring your trails

A wide variety of North Shore trails wind through the forests and along its creeks and sea-shore, introducing you to local flora and fauna. Whether you are interested in wilderness hiking, or simply discovering the numerous neighbourhood park trails there is a trail for all ages and levels of fitness, and abilities.

Baden Powell Trail

[ Park Details ] For a rugged, wilderness hike, this 41 km scenic trail stretches from the head of Burrard Inlet in Deep Cove to Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver. The District section starts at the Grouse Mountain Resort parking lot and winds eastward to Panorama Drive in Deep Cove, a 10 hour hike that at times intersects with BC Parks and GVRD Parks trails. Appropriate dress and up–to–date trail and weather condition information is required for this challenging hike. Various entry points at Lynn Canyon Park, Seymour Provincial Park and Skyline Road to name a few, provide shorter hikes on sections of the trail. Call 990-3800 for information.


Mosquito Creek Trail

Winding along the forested, western bank of Mosquito Creek, the trail leads from Mosquito Creek Park in the City, north through William Griffin Park in the District, and along Del Rio Drive to connect back to the creek. The 1.5 hour hike (one-way) on a gravel–surfaced trail is popular with walkers and joggers of all ages and levels of fitness.


Varley Trail

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Over a five-year period, artist Frederick H. Varley explored and painted the natural beauty of Lynn Peak, Rice Lake, Mount Seymour and Grouse Mountain in scores of intensely passionate works that marked the spiritual high point of his tumultuous career. This trail follows the same routes and vantage points that Varley regularly travelled on his painting and sketching forays.

The Trail begins at the Seymour Demonstration Forest trail head, travels west along the Pipeline Bridge / Rice Lake Road area, passing the home in which Varley lived and painted; heads north along the west side of Lynn Creek in Lynn Canyon Park to Lynn Headwaters Regional Park; crossing the existing bridge in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park and following an existing trail through the Seymour Demonstration Forest south to connect to Rice Lake trail.


District Neighbourhood Trails

A system of informal trails wind through Grousewoods and Indian River neighbourhoods, and others, linking forest greenbelts, schools and parks. These neighbourhood trails are worth exploring. Try the trail access points at Grousewoods Park or Indian River Park on Indian River Drive. Check the map for other locations.


Sea to Sky Trail - Lynn Creek

The Sea–to–Sky trail follows Lynn Creek with a waterfront staging area at Harbourview Park, and winds north along roadways to Lynnmouth, Bridgman and Seylynn Parks to connect to Inter River Park and Lynn Canyon Park Ecology Centre. Whether you hike the full trail (approximately 4 hours, one way), or take a 30–minute stroll on a shorter section, there is plenty to view and explore along the way. Outside of the Lynn Canyon Park trail section, the southern trail section is an easy stroll on a gravel–surface. In the winter, Harbourview Park, at the mouth of Lynn Creek, is home to a wide variety of migratory birds.


Equestrian Trail Riding

Equestrian trails are located within Princess Park / Hunter Park, at Inter River Park, along the Pipeline Bridge in Lynn Canyon Park, and in Seymour Area.


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