Fireworks permits now available

Due to the potential risks involved, both the purchase and sale of fireworks in the District are carefully regulated.

If you want to set off fireworks on private property in the District, you must apply for a permit.  With a permit, you are allowed to purchase and set off fireworks during specific times:

  • October 25 to October 31 — You can purchase fireworks during this period
  • October 31 (6pm to midnight) ―  You can set off fireworks during this period

Learn more and apply online for your permit

Fireworks safety tips

  1. Never hold fireworks in your hand when lit, except for sparklers
  2. Never take fireworks apart or modify them in any way
  3. Keep fireworks in a closed box, remove one at a time, and close the lid at once
  4. Do not leave fireworks unattended or close to a lighting area
  5. Watch children carefully
  6. Familiarize yourself with your fireworks before starting the display, and pay particular attention to the location of the wick and proper direction
  7. Control your audience by keeping everyone back at least 40 feet for smaller ground effects, to 75 feet for aerial effects
  8. Most fireworks are designed to be planted at least 1/3 in a bucket of soil or sand and tilted slightly away from the audience
  9. Never lean over a firework when lighting or after an item has been lit
  10. High winds will affect the quality of your display and may create a hazard, so be sure the firing area has lots of open space
  11. Guided by a flashlight, ignite each firework at arm’s length and immediately stand back
  12. If an item does not ignite easily or seems to fizzle, do not handle it for 10 minutes
  13. Have a large bucket of water or a water hose available, and hose down all debris after your display
  14. People lighting the display should wear ear and eye protection
  15. Please be kind and keep all pets safely indoors