Old garbage and green can recycling (Zones 1 and 2)

If you live in collection zones 1 or 2, you should be using your new District-supplied garbage and organics carts with locking lids.

If you no longer need your old containers, we will pick them up and recycle them for you.

Pick-up dates

  • Zone 1 — July 11 and 18
  • Zone 2 — July 12 and 19

July 19, 2017 — Due to the high demand for recycling services, we are continuing to collect all of the old, unwanted cans and carts from Zones 1 and 2. If you have set out an old can or bin for recycling and it has not yet been collected, please leave it where it is, and crews will take it away as soon as possible. We hope to have all old cans and carts collected by the end of July.

Containers we will pick up

  • 77L cans
  • 140L Schaefer carts
  • 360L Schaefer carts

Requirements for pick-up

Please be sure your old containers are empty and cleaned out. Bring them to the curb and leave them at the usual spot.

Are your old cans still in good condition?

Consider keeping them and reusing them as storage containers, or to hold an emergency preparedness kit.

Learn more about the new carts