Summer parking and access in Deep Cove

A group of kayakers on the beach in Deep Cove

Planning a visit to Deep Cove this summer? With over 4,000 visitors per week during the busy summer months, parking and access in this popular destination can be a challenge.

While planning your visit, please consider:

  • taking public transit
  • riding your bike
  • carpooling with your friends or family
  • visiting during off-peak hours (weekdays)

By choosing an alternate mode of transportation, you can help us reduce traffic congestion in the village, and make the visit more pleasant for everyone.

Driving to Deep Cove?

If you do decide to drive to Deep Cove, there are two large overflow parking lots located just a few minutes' walk from the shops, restaurants, parks, and beach, where you should more easily find parking.

Choosing the overflow parking will save you from spending valuable time competing for the limited (and high demand) parking spaces within residential areas, or in the parking lots in the heart of the village.

Use this map to the overflow parking lots to plan your parking route in advance.