Election 2018

On October 20, 2018, District residents will elect a mayor, six councillors, and four school trustees in the 2018 General Local Election.

Key 2018 election dates

  • May 15 — Recruitment for election workers begins
  • July 27 — Nomination packages available for pickup
  • August 28 —  Advance voter registration closes
  • September 4 (9am) — Candidate nomination period begins
  • September 14 (4pm) — Candidate nomination period ends
  • September 19 (7pm) — Candidates meeting with District CAO and CFO
  • October 10  — Advance voting day at Municipal Hall
  • October 13 — Advance voting day at Municipal Hall and Parkgate
  • October 15 — Advance voting day at Municipal Hall
  • October 20 — General voting day

Get more information about the election

District volunteers on the steps of Molly Nye House

Information for voters

Get important voting dates and voting place locations, learn if you're eligible to vote, find out how to register to vote, and more.

Information for candidates

Learn about eligibility requirements, and get the rules for running, financing, and advertising your election campaign. 

Work for the upcoming election

Are you interested in working during the 2018 general local election? We are recruiting for our election team, and have a number of paid positions available.