Popular Permits & Licenses
Fireworks permit

If you want to set off fireworks on private property in the District, you must apply for a permit.

Business licence renewals

If you have a business licence, you need to renew it for 2016. You can renew online now, in person, or by mail.

Building permit

You will need to apply for a building permit if you want to build a new house, garage, or carport.

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Aquatic permit

You need an aquatic permit to do any work within a stream corridor, waterfront, or in a wetland. This includes removing vegetation.

Blasting permit

You need a blasting permit if you want to blast any rock on any private or District property. 

Building permit: Commercial building

You need a commercial building permit for any new building, addition, chnage of use, or alteration other than a single family house. Get the rules for applying.

Building permit: Single family home

You will need to apply for a building permit if you want to build a new house, garage, or carport; alter an existing house or build an addition; create a secondary suite; demolish a house.

Building zone permit

You need a temporary building zone permit to reserve a portion of the roadway next to a new development, demolition, or renovation in order to place a site office, container, or storage.

Business licences

Learn the rules and requirements for business licences in the District, including B&Bs, home based businesses, and childcare centres, and apply for a licence.

Commercial vehicle licence

If you operate a commercial vehicle as part of your business operations, you need to purchase a commercial vehicle decal. 

Container on street permit

If you cannot place your construction waste disposal bins or storage containers on private property, you need a permit to place them on a District road. 

Creek Hazard Development Permit Area (DPA)

If your property is within a Creek Hazard DPA, you may need a permit to build or develop the land. View the map for this DPA, and review the requirements.

Detailed development permit application

We require development permits in order to protect our environment and maintain the form and character of our communities. Find out the steps to applying.