Popular Permits & Licenses
Fireworks permit

If you want to set off fireworks on private property in the District, you must apply for a permit.

Business licence renewals

If you have a business licence, you need to renew it for 2016. You can renew online now, in person, or by mail.

Building permit

You will need to apply for a building permit if you want to build a new house, garage, or carport.

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Street use permit

You need a temporary street use permit if you are going to temporarily obstruct all or a portion of any lane of traffic, parking lane, alley, sidewalk, or boulevard. 

Tree permit

You need a tree permit if you want to remove any tree that is larger than 75cm (30") in diameter, when measured 1.3 metres (4.3 ') above ground level, or a tree that is protected. 

Water restrictions and lawn sprinkling permits

Metro Vancouver imposes lawn sprinkling regulations for everyone from May 15 to October 15. You can apply for a lawn sprinkling permit, which gives you a temporary exemption from the restrictions. Learn more and apply.

Wildfire Hazard Development Permit Area (DPA)

If your property is within a Wildfire Hazard Development DPA, you may need a permit to build or develop the land. View the map for this DPA, and review the requirements.