3428-3464 Mt. Seymour Parkway

Allaire Properties Inc. has submitted a preliminary application to redevelop this property.

The application as submitted proposes:

  • 29 townhomes in four three-storey buildings (23 units with three or more bedrooms)
  • 59 parking stalls

Current status and progress updates

November 15, 2016 — Preliminary application received

Staff have received the application, and are currently reviewing it.

Additional proposal details, including site plan and overview

Site overview

The development site consists of four single-family lots located mid-block on the north side of Mt. Seymour Parkway, between Parkgate Avenue and Gaspe Place.

The area of the site is approximately 2,858 sq. m. (30,760 sq. ft.).

Site map

Sitemap of a proposed development at 3428 Mt Seymour Parkway

Current land use designation

The Official Community Plan (OCP) designates this site as Residential Level 4: Transition Multifamily (RES4).

Additional requirements

If the application proceeds, it will require rezoning. It will also require a development permit for:

  • Form and character of commercial, industrial, and multi-family development
  • Energy and water conservation and greenhouse gas emission reductions

Proposed size

The floor space ratio (FSR) is approximately 1.2.

Access improvements

If this project proceeds, the developer will improve access by building a laneway that would connect Parkgate Avenue and Gaspe Place.

The developer will also make sidewalk and boulevard improvements along Mt. Seymour Parkway.