4670 Capilano Road

Rendering or proposed development at 4670 Capilano RoadWedgewood Ventures has submitted a preliminary application to redevelop this property.

The application as submitted proposes eight three-storey townhomes with 17 parking spaces.

Current status and progress updates

October 26, 2016 — Application under review

Staff have received the preliminary application, and are currently reviewing it.

Additional proposal details, including site plan and overview

Site overview

The development site is currently occupied by a single-famly home. Grousewoods Plaza is on the north side, there are townhourses on the south side, and single-family homes on the east side.

Current land use designation

The land is currently designated RES3: Attached Residential in the Official Community Plan (OCP).

Additional requirements

If the application proceeds, it will require rezoning. It will also require a development permit for:

  • Form and character of commercial, industrial, and multi-family development
  • Energy and water conservation and greenhouse gas emission reductions
  • Streamside protection