480 Mountain Highway, 1521-1543 Hunter Street

Intergulf East has submitted a preliminary application to redevelop this property.

The application as submitted proposes 193 owned (condominium) units, 31 below-market rental units, and approximately 372 m2 (4,000 sq. ft.) of commercial space in:

  • one 26-storey mixed-use building
  • one five-storey affordable rental building

It includes 281 underground parking spaces (249 for residents, 23 for visitors, and 9 for commercial use).

Current status and progress updates

February 28, 2017 — Early public input opportunity

The applicant hosted a pubic meeting as an opportunity for area residents to learn more about the proposal and to share their comments.

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September 12, 2016 — Preliminary application received

Staff received the preliminary application, and began reviewing it.

Additional proposal details, including site plan and overview

Site overview

The site is currently occupied by four single-family homes, as well as District Fire Hall #2, which would be relocated.

Current land use designation

The Official Community Plan designates this site as CRMU3 (mixed commercial and residential multi-family uses to a maximum floor space ratio (FSR) of 3.5).

Additional requirements

If the project proceeds, it will require rezoning. It will also require a development permit for: 

  • Form and character of commercial, industrial, and multi-family development
  • Energy and water conservation and greenhouse gas emission reductions
  • Creek hazard

Further, it will require a review of the proposed floor space ratio relative to the affordable housing in the project.

Proposed size

The floor space ratio (FSR) is approximately 3.82.

Other significant features

The project includes provision for approximately two-thirds of a new town centre plaza, which will front Mountain Highway and Hunter Street (the remainder of the plaza will be provided by the development to the south). It also includes a publicly accessible "mews," which will connect the plaza to Marie Place Park to the east.


A new north-south lane is proposed at the east side of the property, which will eventually connect Hunter Street (to the north) with Crown Street (to the south).

Photos, drawings, renderings, documents

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