Help us build a stronger, more sustainable community

Inclusive, sustainable communities don't just happen... they're shaped by the people who live in them.

People like you, who care about affordable homes for everyone, about safe and healthy ways of moving around in our neighbourhoods, about inviting public gathering spots and vibrant green spaces, about opportunities to work and shop close to home.

If these are the issues that matter to you, we'd like you on our team.

Initial intake for our working group is now closed. However, if you're still interested, we encourage you to sign up, and we will contact you as other opportunities to be involved arise.

Please join our team of committed community builders

We're looking for volunteer community builders from across the District to help us implement our residents' twenty-year vision for our community (the Official Community Plan).

As a member of our community building working group, you'll work with like-minded District residents and members of staff to share your thoughts and ideas as we adopt the community vision, measure its success, and communicate our progress to residents.

You'll learn a lot, contribute a lot, and make a real, measurable difference.

Is our community building working group the right fit for you?

You don't need an advanced university degree or a lifetime of community service to be in our working group.

You just need a passion for making the District one of the world's best places to live, work, and play, a desire to be actively engaged in your community, and a few spare hours a month to help build a sustainable future for coming generations.

The boring-but-legally-required details (terms of reference)

Terms of Reference


Official Community Plan (OCP) Implementation Monitoring Committee.


The purpose of the North Vancouver District OCP Implementation Monitoring Committee is to encourage meaningful community engagement in the implementation of the OCP and to provide commentary and observations, as requested, on elements of OCP implementation, monitoring, and communications with the public.

Specifically, the OCP Implementation Monitoring Committee will provide commentary and observations regarding:

  1. Community engagement in implementing the OCP Network of Centres and other relevant Council Policy;
  2. The direction of OCP implementation to ensure consistency with the OCP Vision and Goals
  3. Other key aspects of the OCP such as housing diversity
  4. A review of the OCP monitoring program to ensure meaningful and appropriate indicators for monitoring progress on OCP targets.

Delegated Authority

There is no delegation of authority to the Committee.

Origin of Work

Work assignments for this Committee will come through the Manager of Community Planning and will be consistent with the purpose of the Committee, the workplan, and any direction provided by Council.


The Committee will be comprised of up to 14 members.


Up to 14 members at large, selected to represent the demographic and geographic diversity of the DNV’s projected future. Members should have a range and variety of interests relevant to OCP implementation.

All members should be residents of the District of North Vancouver; however, an exception to the residency requirement may be made for individuals who are owners of businesses operating in the District.

Recruitment and Selection

The Clerk’s Office and the Communications Department will undertake a process of advertising for people who are interested in volunteering for the OCP Implementation Monitoring Committee. Names of interested residents will be received and reviewed by the Advisory Oversight Committee (AOC).


The AOC will recommend appointees for Council ratification.


Members will be appointed for a term ending October 31, 2018.

Revocation of Appointment

The AOC may recommend revocation of appointment, as may be deemed necessary.


Any vacancy created will be filled by a new appointee for the remainder of the term of the person being replaced.


The Chair and Vice Chair will be elected by the Committee at its first meeting each year. If both are absent from a meeting, an Acting Chair will be chosen by the members present.


See "Purpose".

Work Plan

A workplan based on the Committee’s purpose will be prepared jointly by the Committee and staff for Council approval. The Committee may establish temporary working groups (for example on housing issues) from its membership as needed to advance the work program.


A modest budget for the Committee will be maintained by the Manager of Community Planning as part of the OCP Implementation program.

Meeting Schedule

The Committee will meet as required through the determination of the Chair and staff. It is anticipated the Committee will meet approximately every 1-2 months in light of the OCP implementation program. Meetings between the Committee and Council will be coordinated from time to time to update on the work of the Committee.


Decisions of the Committee will be made by consensus.


Oversight of the Committee will be the responsibility of the General Manager, Planning, Properties & Permits. The Committee will report quarterly, or as appropriate to Council.

Staff Support

Staff support to the Committee will be provided by Community Planning. Professional advice will be provided by District staff as needed.


Appointees will receive no remuneration for their service.

Conflict of Interest

Appointees are required to be vigilant for issues of real or perceived conflict of interest and take appropriate action. District staffs (Clerk, Directors, CAO) are available to discuss issues of conflict of interest with a potentially affected appointee.

Code of Ethics

Appointees will be required to sign a statement saying that they have read, understood, and will conform to the District’s Code of Ethics. This will be required immediately upon appointment.


At the discretion of Council.

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