Walk and Roll School Challenge

During the week of May 22-25, we’re challenging all 20 elementary schools in the District to a Walk and Roll Challenge.

Students (or their parents) will take photos of themselves walking, biking, or scootering to school and submit them to us via the form on this webpage.

By the end of the week, the schools with the highest participation rates (highest percentage of their total student population) will win one of four prizes.

Submit your entry photos here >>

Available prizes

First prize

The first place school wins:

  • fruit juice popsicles for the entire school
  • the Walk and Roll Trophy (to be presented by Mayor Walton on May 29th)
  • $1,500 for the school’s Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) to use towards an active transportation initiative

Second prize

The second place school wins:

  • $1,000 for the PAC to use towards an active transportation initiative

Third and fourth prize

Third and fourth place schools win:

  • $500 each for their PACs to use towards an active transportation initiative

Why an active transportation challenge?

We designed the Walk and Roll School Challenge to help promote a healthy, active lifestyle for students, and inspire the next generation of residents to consider active transportation the norm and not the exception.

Walking and cycling are more economical than driving a vehicle, have less impact on our environment, and help promote safer streets and neighbourhoods.

How you can help with the Challenge

Parents, teachers, and school administrators all have a roll to play in helping with the Challenge.

Are you a teacher or school administrator?

We’ll be promoting the contest in the local newspaper and on social media, and we’re asking for your help to make this challenge a success at your school. Here’s how you can help:

  • Drop us an email at smileys@dnv.org and let us know you’re ready to participate
  • Display the Walk and Roll School Challenge posters, included with this letter, around your school
  • Post information about the challenge to your school website and social media channels
  • Include information about the challenge in your daily announcements to the students to encourage their participation

Are you a parent?

You can help by encouraging kids to take part in the Challenge, and assisting them in submitting their photo entries (using the form on this webpage).

If you don't live near enough to your school to walk or roll, consider dropping students off a few blocks away from school and letting them walk or roll the rest of the way.

A note on student privacy

When a student submits a photo, we will ask them to identify which school they attend, but we will not collect any personal information about them.

We will also not share the photos we receive with anyone, unless we receive your specific permission in writing beforehand.