Carisbrooke Park rose garden

We are building a new garden in Carisbrooke Park, where we will transplant the rose bushes removed from the site of the now-demolished William Griffin Community Recreation Centre.

The new garden will:

  • take advantage of the existing slope, with terraced garden beds and pathways
  • feature a small entry court with trellises and climbing roses
  • have seating to offer a quiet, contemplative space overlooking the garden
  • contain a variety of roses, including Hybrid Teas, Floribundas, Old Roses, and Climbers

Construction began in the fall of 2015, and will be completed soon.

Location of the new rose garden

The new rose garden is being built near the northern edge of Carisbrooke Park, adjacent to the parking lot along Carisbrooke Rd East.

Design of the new rose garden

The design for the new park has been carefully considered to maximize opportunities for seating, quiet contemplation, nature appreciation, and public art. 

Working to improve our parks

The new Carisbrooke Park rose garden project is part of our commitment to improving the experience of our park users through our Parks and Open Space Strategic Plan.