Kilmer Creek relocation

In conjunction with the Argyle School redevelopment, the District and the North Vancouver School District are relocating portions of the nearby Kilmer Creek.

Along with improving fish habitat in Kilmer Creek, this work will reduce the likelihood and severity of future flooding in the area.

A map of the Kilmer Creek work area.

News and updates

July 12 — Water main work and shut-offs

Short-term water shut-offs are expected in the 3,400-block and 3,500-block of Fromme Road during the week of July 12 to allow crews to complete water main work.

May 2021 — Work begins

Crews begin work on the first phase of the District improvements, which include a new culvert located to the southwest of the Argyle property and a relocated outflow into Hastings Creek

Detour and traffic impacts

Current traffic changes 

July 20 to August 31: There will be full road closures on Fromme Road for culvert work. Northbound-only traffic will resume after working hours each day. Please see the map below for detour information. 

A map outlining the temporary detour on Fromme Road.

Detours during construction 

During construction, traffic will be allowed northbound only on Fromme from Kilmer Creek to Frederick Road. Southbound traffic will be detoured along Frederick Road to Mountain Highway.


Estimated construction schedule

  • May, 2021  — Limited tree removals (see map above).
  • Mid-May to June/July, 2021 — Water main relocation, including new creek crossing under the Hastings Creek Bridge. Affected properties may experience short-term water outages, but will be notified by the contractor ahead of time.
  • July to September/October, 2021 — Culvert and creek outlet construction.

Project scope

  • NVSD will be "daylighting" a stretch of Kilmer Creek by constructing a new open creek along the west border of the Argyle property and removing the existing culvert running underneath the old Argyle school
  • Opening up this stretch of Kilmer Creek will improve the riparian environment while increasing habitat for fish and other aquatic species
  • DNV’s culvert just downstream of this section will enable fish to populate the newly-opened creek section
  • In addition to improving fish habitat in Kilmer Creek, this work will reduce the likelihood and severity of flooding events in the future
  • The new culvert will enable fish to pass through and will be able to handle a 200-year flood event that takes into account the anticipated impacts of climate change
  • A section of water main on Fromme Road will need to be relocated to make way for this new culvert (see map above)

Throughout this phase of creek work, the School District will continue work on the Argyle School site to demolish the old buildings, followed by daylighting the section of Kilmer Creek as it passes through school property.

Phase two of the Kilmer Creek work will focus on the section of creek north of Argyle School, as indicated on the map above, with detailed plans being developed throughout 2021.

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