1371 McKeen Ave proposed subdivision determination

After careful and thorough consideration, the Approving Officer for the District of North Vancouver, Mr. Dan Milburn, has advised The Waterfront Limited Partnership that if a detailed subdivision application were submitted for the property located at 1371 McKeen Ave in North Vancouver as proposed, he would refuse it.

There are two main reasons for the anticipated refusal:

1. The proposed subdivision would be against the public interest.

Specifically, the proposed subdivision would:

  • create parcels of land out of character with other District waterfront industrial properties in the immediate vicinity
  • reduce potential for trade-enabling industrial uses on the property that require large lots with marine access and potential for rail access
  • create potential for significant office development on the property, which would be inconsistent with the objectives for the area outlined in the District’s Official Community Plan
  • potentially compromise the industrial function of surrounding industrial properties
  • increase risk of land use conflicts with neighbouring properties
  • potentially result in employment growth on the property that would not be adequately served by pedestrian, cycling, and transit infrastructure

2. The property is subject to flooding or could reasonably be expected to flood.

The proposed subdivision does not satisfy the subdivision guidelines as outlined in the Province of BC’s Flood Hazard Land Use Management Guidelines.

Given the complexity of the subject, the Approving Officer sought input from stakeholders until September 2019. The final submissions from the applicant were received in October 2019; public input was received until 10:30 a.m. on December 9, 2019. Mr. Milburn conducted a thorough review of all information before making his determination.