Apply for rezoning

Land throughout the District is divided into zones, as set out in the zoning bylaw. These zones determine exactly how properties can be used.

If you want to use a property for something other than what its existing zone allows, you must apply to have it rezoned, and Council must approve the amendment to the zoning bylaw.

Before applying for rezoning, you need to submit a preliminary development application. Start by discussing your project with our Development Planners. They can tell you if you will require rezoning for your project, and help with your preliminary application.

How to apply for rezoning

Before you submit your application

  • Make sure you have addressed all of the issues listed in your preliminary application summary letter
  • Speak with a Development Planner to discuss how your project is evolving, and make sure you are ready to make your detailed application

Once you're ready to submit your application

You will need to follow these steps — in order — if you apply for rezoning.

Step What happens What you need
1. Application You submit your detailed rezoning application to the planning department
2. Public input Members of the public are invited to a meeting so they can view your proposed project and give you feedback
3. Advisory design panel You attend a meeting of the Advisory Design Panel (ADP) to present your proposed project
4. Respond and revise Staff provide a letter that consolidates all of the comments and issues to be addressed, based on feedback. If substantial changes are required, you may need to submit revised plans. Be prepared to amend your drawings and provide additional information, as needed
5. Bylaw introduction Staff prepares a report to Council, which Council reviews. If your application is ready to proceed, Council will introduce the bylaw (first reading) and set a date for a public hearing.  
6. Public input At the public hearing, Council hears from local residents who may be impacted by your rezoning.  You attend the meeting to give a presentation or respond to Council's questions
7. 2nd and 3rd reading Following the public hearing, Council gives the bylaw a second and third reading, or rejects it.  
8. Revise and respond Staff provide recommendations and requirements  
9. Pay fees and address all conditions You address any conditions and pay all outstanding fees.


10. Final adoption Council considers adopting the zoning bylaw Attend the Council meeting

How long does it take?

The complete rezoning process can take anywhere from 6 months for a very simple project, to up to 1 year for a major redevelopment.

This amount of time is required for staff analysis, community consultation, public feedback, revisions and amendments to your application drawings, and Council consideration.


Learn about zoning and land use requirements

Our zoning, development permit area, and other guidelines help guide growth and development in the District, ensuring it is done in a sensitive and coordinated manner.

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