Energy, Water, and Greenhouse Gas Development Permit Area (DPA)

Through the Energy, Water, and GHG DPA, we can:

  • reduce energy and water consumption in new buildings
  • create positive impact on the natural environment
  • make the best possible use of existing infrastructure systems
  • reduce operation and maintenance costs
  • encourage innovation in building design and development

Is your property in an Energy, Water, and GHG DPA?

The purple on this map indicates the boundaries of the Energy, Water, and GHG DPA. if your property is within the boundaries, and you are planning to build or develop, you may need a permit.

Complete DPA overview

You can view complete details of all Development Permit Areas in Schedule B of the Official Community Plan (OCP), including requirements and definitions.

View Schedule B of the OCP (PDF; 18.2MB)

Specific requirements, guidelines, and exemptions

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