Film permit

To film in the District, you are required to submit a film permit application, along with several supporting applications or documents.

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Permits, licenses, and other requirements

Requirement Condition
Film permit 
(download application form)
Must be submitted five working days before filming
Business license for non-residents Licence must be valid for the year you will be filming
Certificate of insurance (with $5 million liability) Name District of North Vancouver as an additional insured
Security deposit cheque $2,500 minimum for commercials and non-broadcast media; 
$5,000 minimum for TV series, feature films, documentaries, new media, MOW, etc.   


Additional permits you may need

If you plan to... You will need...
Park vehicles at your location Parking request form
Use streets or sidewalks for filming, or to alter the flow of traffic, control traffic intermittently Street use permit (submitted five working days before filming), may require RCMP traffic control/escort
Use an electric generator on site Electrical permit application form and contractor authorization (72 hours notice is required for permit to be valid)
Access water via a fire hydrant Hydrant use permit


Get more details about application requirements

Learn more about what you need to film in the District — including insurance, approvals, and traffic management — in our complete filming and policy guidelines.

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