Heating permit

You need a heating permit to install or alter forced air heating or hydronic heating systems.

Who can apply

The person doing the heating work — either the registered homeowner or licensed contractor — can apply for the permit.

However, if you're the registered homeowner, you can only apply for a permit and do the work yourself if:

  • the home is a detached, single-family home
  • there is no secondary suite or other premises attached to the home
  • you live (or intend to live) in the home

If any of these apply, only a licensed contractor can apply for the permit.

How to apply

To apply for a heating permit:

  1. Review the requirements on this page
  2. Prepare electronic copies of any required documents 
  3. Complete the online application form

Apply for a heating permit

The application form will open in a new tab so you can continue to view this page without having to exit the form. 

Important to know before you apply

Documents to include with your application

You'll be asked to include electronic copies of supporting documents with your application. Be sure you have prepared these documents before you start your application. You won't be able to save a partially completed application form and return to complete it later.

Have these documents ready, if applicable:

  • Homeowner permit declaration — Required if you're the homeowner doing the work yourself
  • Schematic drawings — Required if you're the homeowner installing a heating system yourself
  • Heat loss calculation as per CSA F280-12 — Required with all applications
  • Heating appliance worksheet — Required with all applications
  • Hydronic radiant floor panel worksheet — Required if you are installing a hydronic heating system
  • Boiler room layout — Required if you are installing a hydronic heating system
  • Ventilation design/checklist including provisions for HVR system — Required if you are installing a hydronic heating system

After you submit your application

  1. We'll review your application and contact you if we need additional information.
  2. Once your application has been processed, we'll email you a link to pay the permit fee online. If you prefer not to pay online, you can pay by credit, debit, cash, or cheque by coming to District Hall in person.
  3. After payment is received and all applicable reviews have been completed, we will contact you.

Having your permitted work inspected

Most work you do with a permit requires an inspection. It is your responsibility to arrange for all inspections at the right time.

In certain situations, there are documents you must submit to the building department before requesting your final inspection:

Learn more about inspections

Permit fees

Fees are calculated based on BTUs. Refer to the fees and charges bylaw for details.

Get complete details in the fees and charges bylaw


Get your work inspected

Much of the work you do with permits requires a follow-up inspection. It is your responsibility (or your contractor's) to arrange for all inspections at the right time.

You can request your building and mechanical inspections online (with the exception of electrical).