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1120 Harold Road (Cross Residence)

EDG Homes has applied to develop three additional buildings on the Cross Residence heritage building site to create six residential units, with seven parking spaces (one for visitors).

1310 Monashee Drive

Darwin Properties has applied to deveop two six-storey buildings with 315 rental units targeted at students and employees of Capilano University plus approximately 796 sq m (8,570 sq ft) of commercial space, amenity spaces, and 210 car and 578 bicycle parking spaces in a one-level underground parking garage.

1504-1520 Rupert Street

Redic Developments has applied to develop 90 rental apartments (84 market rental and six below-market rental units) in a six-storey building with 50 parking spaces (nine for visitors) in an underground parkade.

1510-1530 Crown Street and 420, 440 & 460 Mountain Highway

IBI Group Architects has applied to develop this site. The application as submitted proposes a total of 420 homes (205 owned, 170 market rental, and 45 non-market rental) plus approximately 2,532 sq m (27,254 sq ft) of commercial space (including a private childcare space), all in a mix of buildings ranging from 7 to 24 storeys.

1553-1595 Hunter St and 489 Marie Place

Engage Architecture Inc has applied to deveop 80 owned apartments in a seven-storey building and 92 market rental apartments in a six-storey building, plus parking for 119 vehicles in an underground parkade.

1565-1589 Rupert Street

Salehi Architect Inc has applied to redevelop this property. The application as submitted proposes 95 rental apartments (19 below market) in a six-storey building with 69 parking spaces (59 for residents, 10 for visitors).

1578-1590 Hunter Street

Lotus Capital has submitted a preliminary application for this property. The application as submitted proposes 89 market rental apartments with a 10% non-market rental provision in a six-storey building, and parking for 52 vehicles in an underground parkade, plus 150 bicycle storage spaces.

2055 Purcell Way (Capilano University on-campus student housing)

HDR Architecture Associates, Inc. has applied to develop this property on behalf of Capilano University. The application as submitted proposes a six-storey 207 room (362 bed) student housing building. Rental units will be secured in perpetuity.

220 Mountain Highway & 1515-1555 Oxford Street

TPL Developments Oxford General Partnership has applied to redevelop this property. The application as submitted proposes 134 market rental and 6 non-market rental apartments in a six-storey residential building with 101 parking spaces.

342 Mountain Highway

Redic Developments has reapplied to develop this site, as the development permit they received in 2018 expired in 2020, before the start of construction. The revised application proposes the same 26 owned townhomes in a five-storey building with 46 parking spaces (with some minor design changes).


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