Managing noise and other impacts of development

By renovating and renewing older neighbourhoods, developers can contribute to the health, vitality, and beauty of the District of North Vancouver. The impact of construction on neighbours and neighbourhoods however, can be a concern.

By using good neighbour practices, developers can ensure that projects create the most benefits for nearby residents with the least possible disruption.

Our Good Neighbour Program outlines what developers must do to minimize construction impacts on neighbourhoods.

Existing neighbourhoods​

  • respect existing neighbourhoods
  • communicate with neighbours
  • ​do not encroach onto or destroy adjacent property
  • do not block access to parking
  • clean up on a regular basis

The environment

  • respect and protect the natural environment
  • protect storm drains and watercourses from siltation
  • do not track dirt and mud onto streets and sidewalks
  • contain waste and litter on site
  • provide temporary toilets
  • do not burn refuse

Streets, lanes, sidewalks, boulevards

  • do not use public thoroughfares or land without a street use permit
  • do not block access to parking


  • restrict construction to allowable times
  • restrict the use of musical equipment

Permits and approvals

  • obtain all required permits and approvals before starting work


  • maintain safe conditions for workers and the public

Download full details of the good neighbour program

Report a concern about construction noise or safety

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