Renew an existing business licence

Business licence renewal notices will be emailed to businesses in early December (if we don't have your email address on file, your notice will be sent by regular mail).

Before you renew your licence

Before you submit your payment, please review your current licence to ensure all of the information — such as the name of your business and number of staff — is up to date and correct.

If there have been changes to your business that are not reflected on your licence, please contact us before paying your renewal fee.

Phone — 604-990-2480 

Ways you can renew your licence

Once you receive your invoice, you can pay online, by mail, or in person.

Renew online

We will email you a custom link in early December for your online renewal payment.

If you did not receive your invoice by email and want to renew online, please send your business licence number to or call us at 604-990-2480.

(Not sure what your business licence number is? Look it up). 

Renew by mail

Mail your cheque payment to District Hall clearly labelled with your business details.

Renew in person

Bring your cheque payment clearly labelled with your business details to District Hall and put it in the dropbox outside the main doors.

Other licences or permits you may need

Are you a contractor with a business located on the North Shore?


Preparing for emergencies

Disasters can be catastrophic to businesses and local economies, and small businesses — which are the majority of businesses on the North Shore — are especially vulnerable to the impacts of disasters. 

Learn how to ensure your business is better prepared to survive following an emergency, from North Shore Emergency Management.

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