Request an exception to the building rules

In some cases, if you cannot receive a building permit because your plans do not meet siting, size, or dimension requirements, you can appeal the decision to the Board of Variance, and request permission to receive a variance to the zoning bylaw.

What the board considers

The Board will consider minor variances in siting, dimensions, or size requirements (side yard, back, front, height, and area coverage) when complying with the bylaw would cause hardship.

What the board does not consider

The Board of Variance cannot vary the permitted uses, densities, or parking in the zoning bylaw. It also does not deal with major variance applications. Major variance applications require a development variance permit application.

Learn about development variance permits and how to apply

How to apply 

To learn more about the Board of Variance application process, including application dates and required documents, please see the Board of Variance page.

Please note: You must schedule a plan check meeting a minimum of ten days before the Board of Variance deadline. A Letter of Rejection from the Plans Review team must be issued before you can apply.

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