Soil permit

You need a soil permit if you want to remove or add more than 18 cubic metres (approximately two truck loads) of soil, gravel, sand, drain rock, or other loose material (such as broken concrete or rock) during one calendar year.

You do not need a soil permit to maintain existing landscapes, gardens, or lawns.

Who can apply

Either the homeowner, developer, or contractor can apply for this permit.

How to apply

Soil permit requirements are the same whether you're building a new house or doing other soil-related work. For your convenience, please submit your application by email.

Here's how:

  1. Complete the soil permit application form (below)
  2. Email the completed form, and any other required documents (listed below), to
  3. We will process your application, and then email you a link to pay the application fee by credit card
  4. Once we receive your payment, we will send you your permit

If you do not wish to apply by email, you can drop off your application in person at the District Hall for processing.

Additional requirements

  1. If your property is zoned commercial or industrial, you will need to submit a sediment and erosion control plan
  2. If you are removing or depositing soil within 5 metres of a tree, there may be additional requirements. Staff will inform you if there are.
  3. If your lot is within a development permit area, you may be required to submit a preliminary environmental or engineering report before we issue your permit.  See if your property is in a development permit area


Fees for permits on single family homes are about half the cost of fees for industrial or commercial zoned lands. 

Get complete fee details in the fees and charges bylaw

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