Tree permit

You need a tree permit if you want to remove or prune any tree that is protected, which includes:

You also need a tree permit if you want to remove any tree on private land that is not protected, but has a diameter of 75cm (30") or more when measured 1.3 m (4.3') above the ground.

See the Tree FAQ for complete details and descriptions of protected trees

How to apply

The application process varies depending on what you want to do to the tree, and whether it's on private or public (District) property.

For trees on private property

These are the documents you'll need to get a permit to prune or remove trees on private property. 

Desired action Required documentation

Prune a large diameter or protected tree

A tree permit and an arborist report

Remove a hazardous protected tree

A tree permit and an arborist report

Remove a protected tree

Contact us at for a list of the required documents

Remove a large diameter tree

A tree permit

You must apply for your permit before the work begins. For your convenience, please submit your application by email.

Here's how:

  1. Complete the tree permit application form, and the shared owner authorization form (if applicable)
  2. Email the completed form, and any other required documents, to

If you do not wish to apply by email, you can drop off your application at the District Hall for processing. 

For trees on public (District) property

For any tree on public property that is overgrown, damaged, diseased, or is a safety concern, start by reporting it online.

Report a concern with a tree on public property

Depending on the situation, a District arborist may complete the work, or we may consider issuing a permit so that you can have the work completed yourself. If we issue a permit, you are required to use one of our approved contractors.

What happens after you apply

We will process your application, and email you a link to pay the application fee by credit card. Once we receive your payment, we will send you your permit.

Replant the trees (if required)

Your tree permit will indicate if you are required to replant the trees and provide the specific replanting requirements based on your application review. You must complete the requirements and book a tree replanting inspection with us once ready.

Book a tree replanting inspection (required if you replanted the trees)

Private property

You don't need an in-person inspection if you can email these documents with your request to

  • Photographs of the replanted tree(s)
  • A site plan drawing showing where the trees are placed on your property

If you don’t have these documents available, email us to arrange an in-person inspection.

District property

To book a tree replanting inspection on District property, email with your request.

Complete tree permit requirements and costs

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Report problems with trees on District property

See a tree on District property that is overgrown, damaged, or at risk of causing damage or injury? You can report it online now.