Standards of Maintenance Bylaw

Building and development

The Standards of Maintenance Bylaw establishes requirements landlords must meet for rental unit and building upkeep. 

The bylaw specifies the standards that must be met, as well as fines for not meeting these standards.

Maintenance standards covered by the bylaw

These are the areas covered under the bylaw:

  • structural maintenance
  • foundations
  • exterior walls and equipment
  • exterior doors and windows
  • roofing
  • fire escapes, stairs, balconies, porches, landings
  • floors
  • interior walls and ceilings
  • plumbing 
  • gas appliances and systems
  • heating systems
  • electrical systems
  • lighting and ventilation
  • cooking and refrigeration

For specifics of each area, download the bylaw document at the end of this page.

Enforcing the bylaw

This bylaw applies to all residences that are subject to a tenancy agreement, as defined in the Province of BC's Residential Tenancy Act.

Building inspectors are authorized to enforce the provisions of this bylaw, and may enter at all reasonable times onto any property to determine if the requirements are being met.

Failure to meet the requirements can result in fines of $200-$500 per infraction, depending on the infraction.

For the full lists of fines, download the bylaw document.

Learn more about your rights as a tenant or landlord

The Provincial Residential Tenancy Branch

Both tenants and landlords have specific rights and responsibilities under Provincial legislation. The Residential Tenancy Branch is responsible for providing access to information and resources including tenancy laws and the landlord-tenant dispute resolution process.

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The Residential Housing Task Force 

A task force has been appointed by the province to provide recommendations for improved security and fairness for renters and rental housing providers.

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Reporting a concern

Are you a tenant living in a rental apartment that you feel is not meeting the maintenance standards? You can report your concern by contacting us. Call 604.990.2311 or email