Accessibility Plan, 2023-2026

We're working to identify, remove, and prevent different types of barriers for people with disabilities, and make the District a fully accessible place to live, work, and play.

Our Accessibility Plan, 2023-2026 outlines our accessibility goals for the coming years, and the approach we'll take to achieve them.

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About our three-year plan

The plan provides a framework and core themes that will help create an implementation plan to be carried out between Fall 2023 and 2026. 

It also allows us to build a strong accessibility foundation, by ensuring that staff have the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to consider accessibility at all stages of projects, and to continuously identify and remove barriers as they emerge.

Our six accessibility goals for 2023 to 2026

During our work on this plan, six core themes emerged as goals:

  1. Address attitudinal barriers towards people with disabilities — Provide education to staff, council, and the public on experiences of people with disabilities
  2. Build staff capacity to identify, remove, and prevent barriers — Ensure that all staff have access to resources to support their knowledge and skills related to identifying, removing, and preventing barriers
  3. Increase accessibility practices for service and program delivery — Increase accessibility in services, programs, meetings, engagements, information sharing, and events 
  4. Embed accessibility principles to create inclusive and diverse employment opportunities for people with disabilities — Create a diverse staff team that represents the diversity of people with disabilities in the District of North Vancouver
  5. Improve the physical accessibility of public infrastructure and spaces within our community — Support the development and adoption of guidelines, standards, and requirements for District-owned infrastructure and buildings
  6. Monitor and evaluate this plan to allow for improvement and adjustment as needed — Provide updates on projects and reports on progress towards implementing this plan

Barriers we aim to prevent

Our plan aims to prevent six types of barriers identified by the BC Accessibility Plan:

  • Attitudinal — When people think and act based upon false ideas
  • Physical — When obstacles make access difficult
  • Information or communication — When communication methods do not reach people with disabilities
  • Systemic — When an organization’s policies or procedures aren’t inclusive
  • Technological — When technology can’t be accessed by people with disabilities
  • Sensory — When lights, sounds or smells prevent participation in the environment

Next steps for the plan

The plan was presented to Council and approved at the October 16, 2023 regular Council meeting.

Following Council’s direction, a separate implementation plan will be developed in the coming months, which will identify the specific actions we need to take to achieve our six accessibility goals. Those actions will be implemented between Fall 2023 and 2026.

The accessibility plan will be reviewed and updated every three years. Following each review, any proposed revisions will be presented to Council for approval.

How we developed the plan

We worked together with the North Vancouver District Public Library (NVDPL) and North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission (NVRC) to create this plan, while consulting the North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues (ACDI).

The ACDI provided recommendations on local accessibility issues based on insights and knowledge gained through their lived experiences. Meanwhile, we reviewed all of our existing reports, policies and plans related to accessibility and accessibility initiatives. 

Finally, we engaged with staff in key divisions and departments across the District, NVDPL, and NVRC to identify opportunities for change, and current barriers and challenges across our services and operations.

Share your thoughts on accessibility in the District

You can help us understand barriers people face when accessing District services.

In your feedback make sure to include:

  • What you or others were trying to access
  • Where the barrier happened and what the barrier was
  • Any recommendations you might have

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