Climate action and environment

In 2019, District Council declared a climate and ecological emergency. Since then, we have accelerated our action to achieve three overarching goals:

  1. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions as a municipality and in the wider community
  2. Protect and enhance ecosystem health and biodiversity
  3. Improve resilience to climate change

These goals are reflected in the 2019-2022 Corporate Plan, which declares our intent to "…make the District a leader in climate emergency action, mitigation, and adaptation, and continue to care deeply for its natural assets. Healthy, biodiverse ecosystems are proactively protected and restored through policy, stewardship and community education."

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Key directions 

To achieve our climate action and environmental health goals, we are taking action in six key areas:

  1. Corporate leadership — Climate and environmental leadership in operations and policies
  2. Low carbon buildings — Low carbon, resilient new and existing buildings
  3. Low carbon transport — Low carbon mobility and land use
  4. Zero waste — Zero waste and the circular economy
  5. Healthy ecosystems — Resilient and biodiverse ecosystems
  6. Climate adaptation — Ensuring the District is prepared for future climate changes

Our key directions and related initiatives in depth

Featured plans & strategies

Community Energy and Emissions Plan

The Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP) will help us reduce our carbon emissions and become a more energy efficient community, while improving overall health and liveability.

A modern glass and steel buildings with fall-hued trees in the foreground.

Strategic Energy Management Plan

Our Strategic Energy Management Plan (SEMP) guides our work to achieve significant emission reductions within our own municipal operations well before the broader community target of zero emissions by 2050.

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Project spotlight

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Our most recent success

Using new technology to improve tree health and water quality

As we plant new trees along Gallant Avenue and around the Deep Cove Culture Centre plaza area this spring, we are using a new way to help healthy trees to grow and to improve rainwater quality flowing in and around sidewalks and pavers.

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