Creating a caring North Vancouver

We are conducting research and engaging with people across North Vancouver to understand the social landscape of our community and neighbourhoods.

This information will help us create policies, actions and priorities for social development and will inform the Official Community Plan Targeted Review  which will take place in 2019-2020.

News and updates

Work we've done so far

June, 2018 — Community survey

Thank you for your feedback. The survey is now closed and results are being analyzed. 

June 23, 2018 — Caring Deep Dive Event

A 3-hour public workshop at North Shore Neighbourhood House on June 23 explored what it takes to maintain and build our caring community. Participants guided the topics that we dug into during the conversation.

June, 2018 — Kitchen Table Talks

Small groups of residents (co-workers, community groups, neighbours, friends) got together throughout the community to talk about social needs and experiences with services in the community.   They submitted the results of their information to ensure that their voices and perspectives are heard and understood.

June, 2018 — Pop Up Events

Interactive activities about You Me US, and opportunities for input and discussion at 6 community events across North Vancouver in June 2018.

June, 2018 — Listening Posts

Listening posts were posted at the District Libraries, secondary schools, seniors centres, community/recreation centres and more.  Residents shared their top-of-mind thoughts about what they need and care about in their community.

May, 2018 — Focus groups

Six Focus Groups with North Vancouver social service agencies and organizations were conducted in May. Focus groups explore agencies’ perspectives related to serving vulnerable residents, community connections, children and youth, mental and physical health and ability, arts and culture, and emergency / crisis services.

May, 2018 — Sessions with groups of residents

Discussion sessions were held with community organizations’ particular clients and program participants. The purpose was to get perspectives on community needs from participants with a women’s support group, multicultural society program, transitional affordable housing, and youth.


There are three reports being prepared as part of Phase 1:

  • Social Research and Issues Report: A baseline document with relevant social indicators. Data is illustrated at the City and District level and combined where appropriate, as well as neighbourhood level where appropriate.
  • Engagement Summary Report: A companion document to the baseline report, the Engagement Summary highlights what we heard from community consultation.
  • Social Gaps Report: The Social Gaps Report is formed by both the contextual social indicators and community engagement. A summary of the gaps in North Vancouver’s social infrastructure, such as services, facilities, systems and networks will be provided.

We plan to use the information collected to inform social policy work and to use as background material for the Official Community Plan review in 2019.


Purpose of the project

The District and the City of North Vancouver have jointly invested in Phase 1: Research and Engagement in order to better understand the social landscape of our community and neighbourhoods. This work is supported by the Official Community Plans of each municipality which envision “fostering a safe, socially inclusive and supportive community that enhances the well-being of all residents”.

The Phase 1 research will be used to help:

  • Create policies, actions and priorities for social development,
  • Set targets for implementation in both the City and District,
  • Identify opportunities with community partners,
  • Clarify municipal roles for various social issues and develop targeted advocacy, partnerships etc. (e.g. with the federal and provincial governments),
  • Provide opportunities for strategic implementation by the City and District.

Staff from the City of North Vancouver and District of North Vancouver have worked closely with CitySpaces (the Consulting Firm jointly hired to coordinate the project) to develop an engagement strategy. A steering committee was also formed with key community partners, and they provided input and advice to staff and consultants with respect to community and stakeholder consultation.

During the spring and summer of 2018, staff from the 2 municipalities, the consultants and volunteers engaged with the public using a variety of different tools (refer to the “News and Updates” tab and connected with many residents and asked them questions like:

  • What makes our community caring?
  • What are the key social issues?
  • What are the needs and where are the gaps in services?

We have learned valuable information about needs, experiences, stories, from the people in our community.   This information is currently being analyzed and results will be shared.

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