Extreme heat

When Environment Canada issues a heat warning for this region, residents are advised to stay cool and hydrated.

Avoid heat-related illness by finding ways to stay cools and take steps to protect yourself, your family and pets. Across the District, there are several facilities and amenities you can visit to help you beat the heat.

Places to cool down


If you need a place to escape the heat, try visiting a North Vancouver District Public Library branch or a Community Recreation Centre, where you can cool down and access water-filling stations.

  • Lynn Valley Library (1277 Lynn Valley Rd)
  • Capilano Library (3045 Highland Blvd)
  • Parkgate Library (3675 Banff Crt)

Community Recreation Centres

  • Ron Andrews (931 Lytton St)
  • Parkgate (3625 Banff Ct)
  • Karen Magnussen (2300 Kirkstone Rd)
  • Delbrook (851 West Queens Rd)

Spray parks 

  • Eldon Park (Sunset Boulevard and Ruby Cres)
  • Kilmer Park (Between Dempsey Road and Kilmer Road -1600 Block Dempsey Rd)
  • Myrtle Park (Off 1500 Block Deep Cove Road, 4400 Block Banbury Rd)
  • Viewlynn Park (2600 Block of Viewlynn Dr)

Outside water refill stations/fountains

  • Grousewoods Park (fountain, water refill station), Grousewoods Park
  • Cleveland Park (fountain, water refill station), Nancy Greene Way
  • Eldon Park fieldhouse (water refill stations, washroom), 410 Ruby Ave
  • Eldon Park baseball diamonds (water refill station), 410 Ruby Ave.
  • Murdo Frazer tennis courts (fountains, refill stations, washroom), 3092 Paisley Rd
  • Delbrook Field (water refill station, washroom), Delbrook Ave
  • William Griffin (water refill station, washroom), West Queens Rd
  • Norgate Field (water refill station, washroom), 309 19th St
  • Princess Park (water refill station, washroom), Princess Ave
  • Kirkstone Park (water refill station, washroom), Kirkstone Rd
  • Kilmer Field (water refill station, washroom), 1700 Dempsey Rd
  • Top of Mountain Highway (water refill station, washroom)
  • Lynn Canyon Park (water refill station, washrooms, café), 3690 Park Rd
  • Viewlynn Park (fountain, water refill station, washroom), 2555 Viewlynn Dr
  • Bridgman Park (water refill station, washroom), 625 Mountain Hwy
  • Inter River Bike Park (water refill stations, washroom), Inter River Park Rd
  • Inter River Field #2, #3 (water refill stations, portable toilets), Inter River Park Rd
  • Inter River Field #4, #5, #6 (water refill station, portable toilets, washroom trailer), Inter River Park Rd
  • Inter River Fields #7, #8 (water refill station, portable toilets), Inter River Park Rd
  • Windsor Field (water refill station, washroom), Plymouth Dr
  • McCartney Creek Field (water refill station, washroom), Larkhall Cres
  • Garibaldi Park (fountain, water refill station), Garibaldi Dr
  • Parkgate Park (water refill station, washroom), 1270 Parkgate Ave
  • Roche Point Field (water refill station), Roche Point Dr
  • Cates Park (water refill stations, concession, washrooms), 4141 Dollarton Hwy
  • East Cates (water refill station, washroom), 4000 Dollarton Hwy
  • Myrtle Park Field House/Water Park (water refill station, washroom), 4383 Cove Cliff Rd
  • Deep Cove (water refill station, washroom), Rockcliff Rd
  • Panorama Park (water refill station, washroom), Panorama Dr


For immediate assistance

If you require emergency services, please call 9-1-1 for police, fire and ambulance assistance.

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