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Official Community Plan targeted review

As part of a targeted review of our Official Community Plan (OCP), we're examining four key areas including housing, transportation, climate emergency, and economy and employment lands.

We're working with our community to develop an action plan that will continue to guide our work and takes into account emerging issues, challenges, and trends related to the four key topic areas.

News and updates

Monday, October 19 — Report to Council

Staff provideed Council with an update on the status of the targeted Official Community Plan (OCP) review in light of the disruptions caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The staff report included a revised process and engagement schedule for Council's consideration. View the report in the 'Documents and related content' tab.

March 9, 2020 — White papers presented to Council

Staff presented the Official Community Plan white papers to Council for discussion. View the report to Council in the 'documents and related content' tab.

March 4, 2020 — White papers available for download

We’ve developed a series of white papers to provide important background information on the four key areas of the Community Plan review. Each white paper also includes a list of potential actions we could take to address key issues, with recommendations on ways to achieve goals and policies. 

View the white papers and summaries in the 'documents and related content tab'.

February 5 to 14, 2020 — Stakeholder workshops

We held four workshops with stakeholders to discuss and get input on the four areas of focus for the review. View the presentations from those workshops, along with a summary of the public feedback we gathered, in the 'Documents and related content' tab.

November 25, 2019 — Update and Council input

Staff presented the public engagement results and received Council endorsement for the white paper outlines. View the staff report to Council in the 'documents and related content' tab.

August - October, 2019 — Public engagement

We asked for your input about housing, transportation, climate emergency, and economy and employment lands. We conducted a phone survey with District residents and collected ideas and opinions through informal interviews in a number of key locations throughout the community.

View the phone survey and interview results in the 'documents and related content' tab.

May 27, 2019 — Council consideration

Council approved the Official Community Plan Review - Scope, Timeline, and Budget. View the staff report to Council in the 'documents and related content' tab. 

May 13, 2019 — Council consideration

Staff presented the Official Community Plan Review - Scope, Timeline, and Budget for discussion at a Council workshop. View the staff report to Council in the 'documents and related content' tab.


What is an OCP?

Our Official Community Plan (OCP) supports our long-term vision and path to 2030 by guiding planning and decision making about the future of our community, while working together with strategic action and implementation plans.

What is a targeted OCP review?

On May 29, 2019, Council endorsed a targeted review of the OCP of four topic areas: transportation, housing, climate emergency, and economy and employment lands.

This targeted review will result in an action plan: a list of concrete actions in support of the 2011 OCP vision and goals within the context of today’s emerging issues, challenges, and current trends as they relate to the four key topic areas.​

Areas of focus

The targeted review of the plan focuses on these four key topics and the ways they are connected:

  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Climate emergency
  • Economy and employment

We want to make sure the work we are doing in these areas is supporting your needs.

Project scope

At key times throughout the OCP review process, you'll have the opportunity to share your opinions and ideas on these focus areas.

Your feedback will provide input into the white papers, action items, and proposed policy changes.

Phase 1 — Fall 2019

Public engagement

Public input from a telephone survey helped shape the reports to provide a good understanding of our community's concerns and priorities. The purpose of the white papers is to support the development of an action plan.

White papers and action plan

To identify the current state, challenges, and opportunities within each key topic, a white paper will be completed for each of the key focus areas.

These concise reports will help break down complex issues, outline potential solutions, and provide recommendations on ways to achieve key goals and policies.

Phase 2 — Spring 2020

Public information sessions

We'll host public information sessions to provide residents with an opportunity to learn more about the OCP review process and status, review findings of white papers, and provide input into the action plan.

Online surveys

As part of phase two, we'll also be hosting online surveys for residents to provide input and ideas.

Focus groups

Once the white papers and a list of potential actions are produced in spring 2020, we will engage once again through focus groups with residents and stakeholder groups.

Representing different age groups and demographics within the District, the focus groups will provide an opportunity for our community to share input on the proposed action plan.

Phase 3 — Fall 2020

Final report

After we've had a chance to engage with our community and dig deeper into the white papers, we'll produce a final report with information we've learned, priority actions, and next steps.

The action plan that results will guide the work we do related to housing, transportation, climate emergency, and the economy and employment, and continue to set the direction for future growth and change.​


About the OCP

The OCP was developed through a two-year community engagement initiative called Identity DNV 2030.

During this initiative, we held open houses, public and stakeholder workshops, coffee shop talks, town hall meetings, and telephone, online, and event surveys where residents shared their ideas and vision for the future of our community.

Adopted in 2011, our OCP is intended to be adapted and amended to respond to evolving conditions and community needs.

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February 5-14, 2020 stakeholder workshop presentations

Phone and intercept surveys

Council meeting materials

Monday, October 19, 2020 — Staff update at council

Staff report to Council

March 2020 Council meeting

November 25, 2019 Council meeting

May 27, 2019 Council meeting

May 13, 2019 Council meeting

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