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By District Staff on Wednesday, Feb 14, 2024

Maplewood Farm has two donated bat boxes for its growing bat population, but they are filling up, so they are adding two more this month.

By District Staff on Thursday, Jul 6, 2023

Learn how DNV horticulturalists keep the municipality’s floral beds blooming in spring and summer.

By District Staff on Tuesday, Nov 22, 2022

The recently completed Gallant Avenue culvert project increased the size of the existing stormwater pipe so it can handle future storms. Read more about how we are improving our resilience to climate change.

By District Staff on Wednesday, Nov 9, 2022

We recently distributed trees and shrubs to residents who participated in the second annual Urban Tree Canopy Project. Learn more about the program and benefits of a robust urban forest.

By District Staff on Wednesday, Oct 26, 2022

The District’s ongoing wildfire fuel reduction program helps reduce the possibility of a fast-spreading forest fire. Learn more about how we are making our community FireSmart.

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