Resources for tenants and landlords

Helping ensure everyone in the District has a safe, healthy, and affordable home is a priority, and we have bylaws and programs in place to help.

If you feel your rental home isn't being appropriately maintained, you're moving because of redevelopment, you're searching for a place to live, or you're having issues with your landlord, here are some resources available to you. 

Safe and healthy rental homes

Our Standards of Maintenance Bylaw helps meet the needs of tenants who live in unsafe or unhealthy accommodations due to poor building maintenance.

The bylaw sets out minimum standards for rental housing that landlords must follow to ensure the quality, safety, and livability of rentals.

A landlord who doesn't maintain their rental property according to these standards can be subject to fines.

Review the Standards of Maintenance Bylaw

What to do if you have an issue

If you believe your rental home is not being maintained according to the standards specified in the bylaw, start by talking to your landlord to make sure they're aware of the issue, and ask them to fix it.

If your landlord fails to address the issue appropriately, contact us. We can help.

Help if you're required to move

If you rent your home and you have to move because the building is being redeveloped, you may qualify for help under our Residential Tenant Relocation Assistance Policy. 

Under the policy, you may qualify for financial support, help finding a new home, help with moving expenses, and more.

Learn how to get help

If you're looking for affordable housing

While we do not operate or manage affordable housing sites, here are some resources if you are looking for housing:

Other rental housing resources

There are a number of provincial agencies and non-profit organizations that can help you with advice and support if you have concerns about your rental home, or a dispute with your landlord. If you're a landlord, they can also help you understand your rights and responsibilities. 

Information, education, and dispute resolution

The Province's Residential Tenancy Branch provides tools and other resources to help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant or landlord. You can also access the Residential Tenancy Act, and apply online for dispute resolution if you're having an issue with your tenant or landlord. 

Visit the Residential Tenancies website

Free legal education and referral services

The Tenant Resource & Advisor Centre (TRAC) is a non-profit organization that provides free legal education, representation, and advocacy on residential tenancy matters. A leader in tenants’ rights since 1984, TRAC’s mandate is to enhance legal protections for all tenants living in British Columbia.

Visit TRAC's website 

Current legal information and online services

PovNet is dedicated to building an online anti-poverty community. They connect poverty and family law advocates and pro bono lawyers from across British Columbia working on issues like housing, income, workers’ rights, Indigenous legal issues, newcomers to Canada, and more.

Visit PovNet's website 



Meeting the demand for affordable housing

Our Rental and Affordable Housing Strategy helps guide developers, community members, Council, and staff toward meeting the estimated demand for rental and affordable housing in the District.

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