Risk tolerance

Natural Hazards Task Force

In October 2007, the District formed a Natural Hazards Task Force. 

The task force was comprised of eight volunteer District residents with the mandate to recommend to Council the tolerable level of risk to life from natural hazards.

Information gathering process

The task force received presentations from subject matter experts in the topics of natural hazards, risk assessment models, mitigation methods, financial, and legal considerations. They also sought public input through an open house in November 2007, a public meeting in December 2007, and an online survey.

Adopting risk tolerance

After much discussion and deliberation, the task force recommended to Council in April 2008 that the risk tolerance criteria used in other countries such as Australia, Hong Kong and the UK be adopted by the District of North Vancouver.

Before formally adopting the proposed risk tolerance criteria, Council directed staff to investigate the practical implications of implementing such a policy.

  • View the April 14, 2008 presentation to Council

In 2009, staff prepared a report outlining the tools to implement the risk tolerance criteria proposed by the task force in 2008

Application of risk tolerance criteria

This table summarizes the criteria.

Type of application 1:10,000 + ALARP 1:100,000 FOS>1.3 (static) FOS>1.5 (static)
Building permit (<25% increase to gross floor area) x   x  
Building permit (>25% increase to gross floor area and/or retaining wall >1.2m)   x   x
Rezoning   x   x
Subdivision   x   x
New development   x   x

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