Town and Village Centres

The Official Community Plan establishes a network of connected town and village centres, and directs future growth and renewal to these centers.

Each centre supports effective transit, walking, and cycling, promotes healthier living and social interaction, and protects our surrounding green space.

Key objectives for our centres

Planning for each town and village centre incorporates a number of objectives:

  • Create a vibrant mixed use centre that serves as a focal point for the community
  • Accommodate a diverse mix of housing
  • Provide engaging and interconnected public spaces
  • Reduce the need for vehicle trips and improve pedestrian, bicycle, and transit conditions
  • Become a more sustainable, energy, and resource efficient neighbourhood
  • Support local employment opportunities
  • Provide enhanced amenities to meet community needs

Planning and implementation

Planning and implementation of our town and village centres is informed by the strategic directions identified in the Official Community Plan:

  1. Plan for a more balanced and diverse population
  2. Create more complete, compact, and connected communities
  3. Reduce our environmental footprint

The OCP lays the foundation and key directions for the network of centres, centre implementation plans provide more detailed policies and actions, and design guidelines outline specific form, character, and streetscape elements to help shape each centre's distinct character and identity.

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