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Urban Tree Canopy Project

To help increase the urban forest in the District, we introduced the Urban Tree Canopy Project for residential property owners.

A more diverse and healthy urban tree canopy will help us take action against climate change and increase biodiversity and wildlife habitat.   

The next Urban Canopy Tree program tree pickup event takes place in October 22, 2022. Register below. Want to learn more? Email us at iwantatree@dnv.org

About the program

In 2021, the District invited residential property owners to participate in the inaugural Urban Tree Canopy program. 

A total of 239 native plants were planted in 146 different properties in the first year of the program. The tree species included cedar, fir, dogwood, alder, shore pine, big leaf maple and willow. Staff from environment, streets and DNVFRS helped to give out the trees and provide planting advice to residents.

Funds from the environmental compensation fee account were used to run the program.

Benefits of urban trees

Expanding the urban forest canopy provides many environmental and health benefits, including:

  • Providing shade and temperature regulation for nearby buildings
  • Capturing and storing carbon
  • Intercepting and absorbing rain, which reduces runoff into the storm sewer system 
  • Stabilizing soils
  • Providing food and shelter for wildlife and habitat connectivity
  • Filtering air pollutants
  • Improving mental and physical well-being 

Selecting the right tree

Learn more about the native tree species offered and whether the tree is suitable for your yard.

Planting your tree

Erika Nassichuk, environmental protection officer at the District, shares tips on planting new trees.



Reaching our climate action and environmental health goals

We're taking action in six key areas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect and enhance ecosystem health and biodiversity, and improve our resilience to climate change.

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