Where we are controlling invasive plants

Under Provincial legislation, we are obligated to manage invasive species on our public lands. Because invasive plants cannot be completely eradicated by cutting or digging, treatment with herbicide is necessary.

Recognized world-wide as one of the worst invasive species, this plant grows and spreads very rapidly, will push out all native plants, damage creek-side ecosystems, and parks infrastructure. 

Giant Hogweed

This plant is a public health concern. If touched, the sap causes skin blisters, long-lasting scars and can cause blindness if it gets in your eyes. 

Where we are treating invasive plants in 2020

Select any coloured dot on the map to view the treatment dates and locations.

Pink dot showing location of giant hogweed on invasive plants map  Giant hogweed     Yellow dot showing location of Japanese knotweek on invasive plant map   Japanese knotweed

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