Goal: Achieve a balanced and fair economy

Council recognizes that a diverse and resilient local economy is a fundamental element of a healthy community. Priorities in its term include achieving a balance of jobs and housing, addressing property assessment inequities, and ensuring our land use plans and policies enable business to stay and grow in the District.

Council has also identified a particular need to examine the benefits and impacts of attracting regional visitors for recreation and other North Shore activities.

Our priority areas and supporting objectives

The Corporate Plan sets objectives in these areas: pursuing equity in taxation, fairly allocating the cost of community amenities and improvements, and promoting employment and economic activity in balance with its impacts on the local community.

Priority: Advocate for fairness in taxation and fees

Supporting objectives Lead 2019 2020 2021 2022
Work with the Province and the Port to reduce port property tax inequities and better support businesses Financial Services Ongoing
Advocate for a review of and changes to Metro Vancouver’s funding model to ensure that member municipalities are receiving maximum value for the money expended Financial Services      
Develop a comprehensive and fair strategy to deal with land encroachments Planning, Properties, and Permits      

Priority: Explore and leverage funding opportunities to achieve community improvements

Supporting objectives Lead 2019 2020 2021 2022
Develop short and long-term funding strategies for ride-hailing, autonomous vehicles, e-bike sharing and micro-transit Engineering, Parks, and Facilities      
Pursue alternative revenue sources such as franchise fees, encroachments fees, gifts, bequests and grants Financial Services Ongoing
Ensure development contributions are accurate and pay for growth impacts on services Financial Services Ongoing

Priority: Increase employment opportunities and economic development activity, with attention paid to local impact

Supporting objectives Lead 2019 2020 2021 2022
Review the Maplewood Plan to ensure alignment with housing, employment, and transportation needs Planning, Properties, and Permits      
Work with the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce and the business community to identify specific strategies to maintain and increase business and employment in North Vancouver Corporate Services  
Finalize the District policy with respect to cannabis stores Planning, Properties, and Permits      
Continually assess land use plans and policies in order to encourage business sector sustainment and growth Planning, Properties, and Permits      
Attract tourists and visitors to North Vancouver Museum and Archives Museum and Archives Ongoing

COVID IMPACT: The Corporate Plan was composed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent and ongoing impacts on the organization and our community. While we continue to strive to achieve the goals and objectives stated throughout, we also understand that adjustments are probable given the changing circumstances in which we publish this plan.