Goal: Enhanced livability and mobility

There is broad community concern about the state of the transportation system. Council wants to work toward outcomes that reduce traffic congestion and increase sustainable transportation options, and to do so in collaboration with North Shore, regional, and provincial partners. Furthermore, Council has stated that the most important housing outcomes of this term are to increase the diversity of housing options in the District and to make decisions that balance future housing needs with current needs. 

Our priority areas and supporting objectives

In order to take steps toward fulfilling Council’s directions over the next four years, the objectives in this plan are aimed at increasing safe bike and pedestrian routes, increasing transit options, working to improve systems at all levels, challenging traditional standards, and imagining new mobility.

In terms of housing objectives, the focus is on increasing the number of social and affordable housing units for low to moderate income earners, increasing housing diversity, and using District land to meet housing and environmental needs.

Priority: Improve transportation and mobility

Supporting objectives Lead 2019 2020 2021 2022
Advocate for increased  transit and create supportive land use and built form Engineering, Parks, and Facilities  
Improve the road network within the District and connected to other municipalities Engineering, Parks, and Facilities  
Improve system planning, signalization and collaboration with the City of North Vancouver and Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure Engineering, Parks, and Facilities  
Participate in studies of rapid transit options across Burrard Inlet Engineering, Parks, and Facilities      
Manage the impacts of construction and development activity by coordinating developer, partner, and other projects Engineering, Parks, and Facilities Ongoing
Improve traffic clearing on highways and highway bridges, working with stakeholders Engineering, Parks, and Facilities Ongoing
Develop strategies for ride-hailing, autonomous vehicles, e-bike sharing and micro-transit Engineering, Parks, and Facilities      
Increase and improve bicycle and pedestrian networks Engineering, Parks, and Facilities      
Review and update District-wide parking policies including development ratios, Resident Parking Only, and time restricted and pay parking Engineering, Parks, and Facilities   Ongoing
Increase traffic enforcement and road safety Police Services Ongoing

Priority: Focus on OCP objectives related to affordable housing and strategies supporting town centres

Supporting objectives Lead 2019 2020 2021 2022
Identify rental and social housing opportunities Planning, Properties and Permits      
Prioritize development that achieves OCP objectives and manage community impacts Planning, Properties and Permits      
Address student housing needs with CapU Planning, Properties and Permits Ongoing
Complete and implement a plan for the Delbrook site Planning, Properties and Permits      
Update coach house policies and infill approaches Planning, Properties and Permits      
Complete and implement a plan for the Oxford/Orwell housing site Planning, Properties and Permits      
Identify options for affordable housing on District lands Planning, Properties and Permits      
Update the current Community Amenity Contribution framework in line with community priorities Planning, Properties and Permits      
Increase the number of supportive social housing units Planning, Properties and Permits Ongoing
Increase civic engagement around housing affordability and transportation issues through museum programming Museum and Archives Ongoing

COVID IMPACT: The Corporate Plan was composed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent and ongoing impacts on the organization and our community. While we continue to strive to achieve the goals and objectives stated throughout, we also understand that adjustments are probable given the changing circumstances in which we publish this plan.