District Council, left to right: Jordan Back, Lisa Muri, Mathew Bond, Betty Forbes, Mayor Mike Little, Megan Curren, Jim Hanson

This plan is our initial road map, setting priority directions as the Council elected in October, 2018. While we bring different perspectives, strengths, and areas of interest, we agree on the importance of prioritizing action on these issues facing the community: improving mobility and transportation; addressing the climate emergency; bridging gaps in housing availability and affordability for current and future residents; supporting a balanced and vibrant economy.

We also share a belief that how these issues are addressed matters. We wish to engage more — and differently — with the community. Robust, authentic engagement will be a hallmark of our term. An early effort will be to convey to the community that we hear their concerns and recognize that past decisions have created challenges and the need for action.

The Council and staff that make up the District organization share a passion to serve the whole community. While our roles differ, we succeed by working together. As we work with each other, staff, and the community, we expect that our perspectives and priorities, and therefore this plan, may evolve.

The directions and initiatives outlined here are our commitment to work collaboratively and with focus to make real progress on the issues most important to the community.

Our 2022 goal statement

The Official Community Plan expresses the community’s vision of The District of North Vancouver as ‘Inspired by nature, enriched by people.’

Vibrant neighbourhoods are framed by mountains, streams and shorelines. People of all ages, cultures and incomes live in safe and healthy environments with housing and employment choices, making the community active and inclusive. Though we are prioritizing a deeper dialogue on all facets of the OCP in light of its implementation so far, we continue to view the OCP vision and goals as a solid foundation for long- term planning.

Our strategic planning discussions centred on community identity and included exploration of concepts such as: social happiness, health, inclusivity, accessibility and livability. Questioning whether community identity was static or changing also underscored the challenge inherent in setting directions and making decisions for the benefit of both today’s citizens and the future generations who will sustain this community.

We also discussed the benefits and trade-offs associated with taking small steps towards goals over a long period of time versus bold steps to spark real movement on key issues identified here.

Values and commitments

A shared purpose exists between Council and staff and that is a passion to serve people and our community. The priority directions set by Council and described below are shared by staff.

Although Council and staff play different roles, all work to support each other in advancing the priorities and share a commitments to always work with integrity, creativity, and transparency in service to the public.

We provide leadership and exemplary service that supports our community’s needs today and aspirations for tomorrow.

Priority directions

These are most important issues we will pursue. In doing so, we have agreed on approaches that make sense to us at this time and on initiatives that will help us understand and make improvements on these issues.

Our key issues

  1. Improving mobility and transportation
  2. Increasing housing diversity and addressing affordability
  3. Supporting a vibrant economy and jobs-housing balance
  4. Taking action on climate change

Approach and initiatives

  1. Robust community engagement
  2. Official Community Plan review project
  3. Working collaboratively and strengthening relationships
  4. Focusing on our customers
  5. Keeping the organization resilient

Actioning our priorities

We will work together with staff to advance the priorities set out in this plan. While we play different roles in support of our shared goals and mandate, we know that our entire organization takes pride in their work and is passionate about public service. As elected representatives, our role is to act in the broadest public interest by prioritizing issues, setting direction and establishing policy to guide the organization in its actions.

We understand that staff’s role is to implement these directions and policies, through appropriate actions that reflect our decisions, comply with legislation, meet professional standards and adhere to best practices. As such, the next step in this process is to realize these priorities and actions through the District’s Corporate Plan. The Corporate Plan takes our priority directions and translates them into shorter term objectives and actions, which staff then deliver through departmental work plans.

Together we view these plan as roadmaps that are responsive and adaptive based on changing circumstances and new information, to move the District closer to the shared vision of the community.