12 transportation updates to get excited about this holiday season

By District Staff on Friday, Dec 13, 2019

It's not a partridge or a pear tree, but we think you'll be pleased to know about these 12 road network improvements. 

There was lots of work done this year to coordinate and improve transportation on the North Shore— we’ve recapped twelve of them to help us all ring in a happier New Year!

How do we know what to prioritize? 

In 2018, the Integrated North Shore Transportation Planning Project (INSTPP) was launched to formally acknowledge the extensive collaboration happening between all levels of government and stakeholders to address transportation related issues on the North Shore.

INSTPP researched and determined causes for congestion on the North Shore, made recommendations for improvements, and became an integral advocacy group for bringing attention to the North Shore's transportation situation. (Now called NXSTPP, this group continues to advocate for all things transportation related on the North Shore.)

Based on these recommendations, District staff identified 12 priorities for further study or implementation in the DNV.

And how are we doing on these ​priorities?

We're happy to report that we're making progress across the board! So, grab a hot chocolate, a comfortable spot, and catch up on 12 exciting transportation updates in the DNV:

1. Implement express transit on Highway 1 Upper Levels to connect to Phibbs Exchange and SkyTrain 

TransLink will be launching a new Second Narrows Express Bus service between Phibbs Transit Exchange and Metrotown SkyTrain beginning spring 2020.

This launch is scheduled to coincide with the launch of the Marine-Maine RapidBus (B-Line) service between Phibbs and Park Royal.

2. Accelerate future RapidBus routes on the North Shore

RapidBus routes (formerly known as B-Lines) are scheduled to be delivered in Phase 3 of the Mayor's Council 10-year Vision. Three possible routes have been identified for the Lynn Valley to Downtown Vancouver route and design work is on going.

3. Identify opportunities for transit priority measures around the Second Narrows 

We are working with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) and TransLink to facilitate the construction of a continuous eastbound transit lane along Main Street to Phibbs Exchange.

4. Conduct feasibility assessments to improve east to west connections 

We have identified an opportunity between Harbour Avenue and Forester Street that has the potential to improve east to west travel in the area. 

5. Investigate Burrard Inlet crossing improvement opportunities 

Not one but two new studies are currently underway to investigate this topic: the Highway 1 Upper Levels Corridor Study and the Burrard Inlet Rapid Transit Technical Feasibility Study

In addition, North Shore municipalities were successful in securing $250,000 in federal funding to assess the economic impact of rapid transit on the North Shore. ​

6. Invest in pedestrian and cycling related improvements

The 29th Street Safety and Mobility Improvements Project launched this year and, based on direction from Council, staff are now looking to complete priority bike routes in the District with a holistic approach.

7. Use data to improve our road network

Based on data collected, improvements have been made to traffic signal timing and coordination across the DNV, with further upgrades to follow at the Lynn Valley Road and Marine-Main corridors. ​

Collaborating with MoTI and North Shore municipalities, in 2019 the DNV participated in an incident notification pilot. Based on this pilot, MoTI is now considering permanent installation of an incident notification system along the Upper Levels. 

8. Investigate better ways to use waterways for transportation 

We've been advocating for expansion to the Burrard Inlet passenger ferry network, and submitted this priority to TransLink's Transport 2050 Regional Transportation Strategy.

9. Evaluate the feasibility of commuter rail 

Commuter rail between Whistler and North Vancouver is gaining traction, and has been submitted to TransLink's Transportation 2050 Regional Transportation Strategy.

10. Launch e-bike sharing pilots 

North Shore municipalities continue to work on finding solutions to deliver e-bike sharing services. 

With an increasingly connected region, North Shore municipalities are looking at the potential of coordinating e-bike sharing services with the City of Vancouver.

11. Work with advocacy groups to communicate DNV priorities 

Now referred to as NXTSPP (NextStep), the transportation advocacy and collaboration group formerly known as INSTPP continues to advance North Shore transportation planning priorities. 

12. Develop a transportation demand management strategy 

The North Shore municipalities recently hired a position to coordinate transportation demand management strategies, including opportunities to mitigate the impact of recreational activity on the North Shore. This position is partially funded by TransLink.

What's next?

We'll continue to advance these priorities through a number of projects and collaboration with our partners and neighbours, and make sure to keep you up to date along the way. 

Do you have feedback for improvements to the region's transportation network? TransLink launches phase 2 of their Transportation 2050 engagement campaign this spring. 

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