Loving nature to death

By District Staff on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

As you may have heard, we have developed a plan to lessen the visitor load in Deep Cove and at Lynn Canyon Park this summer. Most of the changes will be in place for the May long weekend, and will remain in place through September.

The issues we’re dealing with are a direct result of both places becoming too popular for their own good, and the impact of all those visitors is taking a toll.

An annual increase in visitors

In 2014 we held a deliberative dialogue that generated lots of community-inspired ideas to help solve Deep Cove’s traffic woes.

All of those suggestions are in place, yet the tourists and visitors keep coming.  

In the summer of 2017 we saw 500 large tour buses arrive at the parking lot in Lynn Canyon Park, competing with locals for parking spots and jamming up the narrow roadway through the park.

Environmental damage, increasing maintenance costs, and public safety concerns

The problem is, neither Lynn Canyon Park nor the streets of Deep Cove were ever designed to be international tourism destinations. One is a local park and the other is a small village at the end of a road with little turnaround capacity.

And, as a result of the overwhelming number of visitors, the environmental damage to the trails is becoming significant, and local residential streets have been adversely impacted. Maintenance and service costs have risen steadily with the increasing volume of visitors.

The congestion has escalated to the point where public safety and emergency vehicle access have now become a concern, particularly in Deep Cove.

Changes we're making starting this long weekend

We’re taking steps to tone things down, make the streets safer, and ensure easier access to both areas for our emergency responders.

Starting on the May 18 long weekend, you’ll see restrictions on access for large tour buses, limitations on public parking times, and active management of the number of people on the Quarry Rock Trail.

Follow us on Twitter (#DNVParks) or visit our website for real-time updates on parking availability and trail access, and give serious consideration as to whether you should visit either of these locations this summer, or choose to give them a break and visit somewhere else.

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