By District Staff on Tuesday, Sep 6, 2022

Northlands takes an eco-friendly approach to golf course management at its facility. Find out what they've been doing.

By District Staff on Friday, Aug 12, 2022

The DNVFRS has added new specialized equipment that enables firefighters to effectively battle blazes in both wildland areas or urban places where the local water supply system might be impacted. Find out more about this new technology. 

By District Staff on Thursday, Jun 9, 2022

Lions Gate Village, the District’s newest Town and Village Centre, is now welcoming residents and businesses. Learn more about this vibrant neighbourhood.

By District Staff on Monday, May 2, 2022

As we plant new trees along Gallant Avenue and around the Deep Cove Culture Centre plaza area this spring, we are using a new way to help healthy trees to grow and to improve rainwater quality flowing in and around sidewalks and pavers.

By District Staff on Wednesday, Apr 6, 2022

We recognize the importance of affordable housing for all residents and in 2021 moved forward with several projects on municipal-owned land that illustrate this shared value.