Welcome to Lions Gate Village

By District Staff on Thursday, Jun 9, 2022

Have you had a chance to visit Lions Gate Village? Our newest Town and Village Centre is now welcoming residents and businesses.

Near Capilano Road and Marine Drive, Lions Gate Village has quick access to transit, is accessible for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, and offers various housing options, from single-family homes to townhouses to condominiums. At the heart of the village is a plaza that features space for retail, restaurants, offices, outdoor socializing, and a playground and water park. The plaza is also the location of the new Lions Gate Community Centre, which opened in April 2022.

A variety of indoor and outdoor recreation opportunities 

Lions Gate Community Recreation Centre includes a community living room, full-sized gym, multi-purpose rooms, arts space and meeting rooms. Operated by North Vancouver Recreation and Culture (NVRC) Commission, it provides a variety of indoor and outdoor recreation, fitness, sport, arts, social opportunities and special events through NVRC and Capilano Community Services Society (CCSS), and also houses a North Vancouver District Public Library express library and CCSS-operated Red Cross Health Equipment Loan Program.

Three sisters sit on the grass together smiling with a new community rec centre in the background.

What makes a Village?

Our Town and Village Centres are designed to enhance existing neighbourhoods by concentrating different types of housing around a walkable community core that features commercial and business space, community amenities, socializing areas and playgrounds.

Each vibrant Centre intends to be connected by a cycling path enabling people to efficiently ride between different Centres. While each Centre has unique characteristics, all have easy access to the District’s abundant parks and natural spaces.

Town and Village Centres benefit the entire District

The Town and Village Centre model offers benefits to those living in them and beyond, including:

  • Reducing residents’ need for cars by bringing businesses, community amenities, social opportunities and recreation options close enough together to walk or cycle to them, in addition to having transit or driving options
  • Enhancing housing affordability by providing a mix of options to suit different needs and budgets allows more people who work in the District to live here, which reduces traffic congestion and supports local businesses
  • Enabling long-time residents to downsize while remaining in their home community
  • Protecting our natural spaces from urban sprawl by concentrating new density in already-developed areas and reducing carbon emissions by offering walkable, connected centres 
  • Fostering a sense of community and belonging, and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for families and individuals of all ages and abilities through community centres and outdoor amenities

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Get to know Lynn Creek Town Centre

Envisioned as the largest Town Centre and with a nearby light industrial area, Lynn Creek will add an estimated 3,000 new housing units and welcome some 6,000 residents as it evolves over the next 20 years. It is intended to feature a vibrant commercial High Street and will support enhanced transit services. The surrounding low and medium-density housing will provide family and senior-friendly options.

A lush green oval field with a pair of new condo developments in the background.
Lynn Creek Town Centre will be a transit-oriented, mixed-use community offering a wide-range of housing options

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