Financial highlights

2020 Operating Budget

Our 2020 operating budget was $22,037,147.

Fire rescue and operations accounted for the largest piece, at 61% of the total budget.

Graphic: 2020 operating budget: fire and rescue operations, 61%; administration, 23%; facility and equipment, 6%; public safety and education, 4%; emergency communications, 3%; fire training 3%.

What the Numbers Include

Fire Rescue & Operations (61%)

  • Fire suppression and rescue operations (includes marine firefighting and rescue)
  • Prompt emergency and non-emergency response to all incidents
  • Other rescue functions such as Hazmat response, motor vehicle incidents, and technical rescues (high angle, swift water)

Administration (23%) Facility & Equipment (6%)

  • Maintenance (painting, plumbing, electrical, renovations, seismic upgrades, repairs, lawns and gardens, heating and lighting) of all fire facilities (stations, and training/maintenance centres)
  • Maintenance, inspection, and repair of firefighting equipment such as turnout gear, forestry equipment, and fire response vehicles
  • Equipment procurement process

Public Safety & Education (4%)

  • Community risk reduction and pre-incident fire planning
  • Fire prevention activities such as risk-based fire inspections, fire incident and arson investigations, fire code and bylaw enforcement, and plan reviews
  • Targeted public education for purposes of fire prevention reducing risks to life and property

Emergency Communications (3%)

  • All aspects of fire and emergency response communications, including dispatch services and wide-area radio equipment
  • Includes the maintenance of all other communications equipment (pagers, cellphones)

Fire Training (3%)

  • Fire training facility operations and training programs, which range from internal recruit and special operations training, to training for external customers such as the ProBoard Certification program