Fire service accreditation

In 2018, we began a multi-year process to become an accredited fire service through the Commission on Fire Service Accreditation (CFAI).

The journey to accreditation exemplifies our commitment to establishing a culture of self-improvement and providing the community with an innovative, progressive fire department that meets and exceeds expectations.

In 2021, we will complete the requirements to progress to being a ‘candidate’ agency, which will allow us to apply for formal accreditation in spring 2022.   

A DNVFRS members ascends a ladder.

What's involved

Gaining international accredited agency status is a rigorous process that involves many steps and actions, including:

  • Building an accreditation team
  • Creating three documents:
    -Community Risk Assessment – Standards of Cover
    -Strategic Plan
    -Self-Assessment Manual
  • Peer review of the documents, onsite assessment, and accreditation report
  • Meeting requirements of Commission of Fire Accreditation International

Why become an accredited agency?

The accreditation process sets a foundation for continuous improvement into the future.

We are committed to attaining and maintaining CFAI accreditation. The path to achieving this goal provides the opportunities to:

  • Emphasize our dedication to excellence
  • Establish a culture of continuous improvement
  • Receive independent validation of our work
  • Provide tangible data for our elected officials and stakeholders

Goals and performance 

The goals and performance of the DNVFRS are articulated in the three companion documents of accreditation: 

Learn more at our Fire Accreditation webpage.