DNV125: Mountain Stories Along the Trail

Saturday, Jul 16, 2016
Dog Mountain Trail, Mount Seymour Provincial Park
Three Peaks Lodge/The Grill Cafeteria

To commemorate our 125th birthday, join us for Mountain Stories Along the Trail, a unique outdoor storytelling experience where we travel through time with historical characters.

About the day

The event begins with a Tsleilwaututh traditional welcome, and then you will be led on a guided tour to meet storytellers along the trail. You will interact with the costumed storytellers to weave together the cultural and natural history of the Seymour Valley.

Mount Seymour History Project will also be hosting a display of historical documents, memorabilia, and maps in the Three Peaks Lodge / Grill Cafeteria.


If you need a ride to the park, you can board a bus at Parkgate Community Centre at 9:30am. There is a $5 fee for the bus ride.


The walk is about two kilometres round trip along the flat section of the Dog Mountain Trail and adjacent ski area in Mt. Seymour Provincial Park. The route is level and easy to walk.

Register now

You are required to RSVP for this event. Call the Heritage Centre Manager (604-729-8305) or email nataliapisarek@my.capilanou.ca