Come to a committee meeting

Committee meetings are open to the public, as stipulated in the Local Government Act.

Come to a committee meeting as an observer

  • Take a seat in the background, as the table is reserved for committee members (unless the committee indicates otherwise)
  • Do not disturb the proceedings when you enter or leave
  • You are not required to stay until the meeting is adjourned
  • You will not have an opportunity to speak or participate in the meeting
  • You may have to wait some time for the item you wish to hear discussed

What to expect at a meeting

Committee/Commission members should:

  • make you feel comfortable to attend as an observer
  • provide you with a spot to sit that is clearly visible and comfortable
  • provide you with a clear exit from the meeting so as to not disrupt the proceedings.

Come to a committee meeting as an applicant or delegate

If you are an applicant on a particular agenda item or a delegation to the committee, then you are entitled to discuss the item with the committee as directed by the Chair, until the time comes to put the motion on the floor.

During discussion of the motion and the calling of the question, please do not speak.

When a committee meeting is closed to the public

Sometimes the subject being discussed is of a nature that the public may be excluded.

If you object to leaving, please register your complaint with the Municipal Clerk on the next day of business, but in the meantime withdraw from the meeting.

Learn the rules for closed committee meetings in the Local Government Act

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