Dispute your ticket or bylaw notice

If you feel there is a good reason why you should not have received a ticket or bylaw notice, you can dispute it (ask to have it dismissed). 

How to dispute your ticket

Fill in the adjudication request on the back of the ticket, and mail or bring it to District Hall within 14 days of the issue date. Be sure to include your name, a daytime phone number, and the reason you are disputing your ticket.

If we do not receive your adjudication request within 14 days of the issue date, your opportunity to dispute your ticket is lost.

You receive a discount if you pay your ticket within 14 days. If you dispute your ticket and it is upheld after adjudication, you will no longer qualify for this discount. You will need to pay the full amount of the ticket, plus an adjudication fee of $25.

What happens when you dispute your ticket

1. Screening officer review

A screening officer will contact you to review the details of your dispute. The screening officer will either confirm or dismiss the ticket, based on ticket screening policy.

2. Adjudication hearing is set

After the screening officer review, if you choose to go forward to adjudication, you will be contacted by a dispute co-ordinator to set the date of the adjudication hearing. You can choose your preferred method of participation: in person, by phone, or in writing.

3. Adjudicator makes a decision

At the hearing, an independent adjudicator will determine if the bylaw infraction occurred or not. If the adjudicator determines an infraction occurred, you will need to pay the full amount of the ticket, plus a $25 adjudication fee. If the adjudicator determines no bylaw violation occurred, you will not have to pay the fine or adjudication fee.

Reasons for disputing a ticket

We will only consider your dispute if you have a valid reason. Bylaw tickets are not dismissed for frivolous reasons, such as:

  • you were unaware of the regulation
  • no one else has received a ticket for a similar violation
  • you have never received a ticket before for this violation before

Get more information

604-990-2400  General information about tickets

604-990-2488  Information about disputing ticket

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